Property is a reflection of someone’s net worth. They are tangible sign that you are wealthy and social your status is high or below standards. Houses, animals, motor vehicle, land, building and money are examples of current assets. In society when you purchase more assets it means that you are very wealthy people will listen and respect you because they consider you to be wise and smart. They will also approach you when in trouble because they see you as their saviour and last hope. Having property in your dream is symbol of leadership, leaders are usually associated with authority and power to rule their subjects. This can indicate that maybe you are going to be promoted to a greater managerial position at work hence will require you to be responsible.

Many friends and associates who surround

Many friends and associates who surround you will show that you are socially wealthy.Having lots of property and giving them out in your dream means that you should be benevolent to the needy. This means that there is someone near you who needs your help and you should run to the rescue. It can also be a sign that you are full of humility, love, kind, care and compassion. Receiving property is considered as a blessing that awaits and will make you happy because the void you have will be filled. Not sharing your ownership with anyone shows that you are mean, stingy and not caring about anyone but yourself.

Selling of a property indicates you

Selling of a property indicates you are letting go of what you value to start all over again this maybe bad relationship that you have always wanted to retain but it is beyond your power to keep it. On the contrary, when you want to merge your properties with another person it means you are in love with someone and intend to marry them to become one. Acquiring new properties shows that you are a bold and an adventurous person who loves to face new challenges and risks. It also shows that you are social and love making new friends.

Dreams about property

When your belongings are destroyed in your dreams it indicates that you might be in great trouble which needs to be resolved with immediate effect and you need to be very vigilant in what you do. The decision you make and the advice you listen to needs to be full of wisdom else you might lose what you treasure most. Having no property at all shows that you are poor and nobody will take you seriously because they see you as an inferior. Your social network will also be small because people will avoid you, and will see you as a burden to their lives.

Burning up of properties to ashes is a sign of death of a beloved one or end of life to something that is valuable to you. This will prepare you to the pain and anguish you are going to face during the tough times ahead. It is a sign of lost hope, dreams and giving up in spirit and you need someone to give you a shoulder to lean on. There are times you will dream that someone is stealing your property meaning that you have great phobia to loss what you treasure most. You might also dream that thieves are stealing from you and nobody is helping even if you scream out loud you wake up feeling betrayed lonely and frustrated that nobody cares about you. Feeling of insecurity and being cautious of the people that surround you will take the best of you because of lack of trust towards them.

Loosing your wealth may mean that you have lost track with your life either socially, emotionally or physically and you need to go back to the drawing board and take care of yourself well. When people take your property without you permission in our dreams it shows that they belittle you and have no respect to you. It indicates that you have lost power and authority to guard your life so you allow them to physically abuse and step on your toes and control your life. Guarding your property means you are responsible, independent and a straightforward person who cannot be intimidated by anyone, and have your own principles.